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The Smartest Dog Breeds According to Dr. Stanley Coren
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The Smartest Dog Breeds According to Dr. Stanley Coren »

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There is a great diversity in canine breeds and oftentimes they respond to the needs of different people: friendly dogs, hunting dogs, loyal dogs... and obviously some breeds are smarter and others are more brutish. To evaluate the "average intelligence" of a breed several characteristics are considered, such as functional intelligence and the degree of obedience (for example, by counting the number of exercises needed before a new command is learned). Another factor is the capacity a dog has to recall an order without having to perform the drill repeatedly. Some breeds even learn well when trained by relatively inexperienced trainers. This is the original classification drafted by Dr. Stanley Coren.

  • Author: ivy (Updated Jun 8, 2011)
  • Sources: Classora Rankings Group <a href='http://www.todonintendo.com/foro/8967-10-perros-mas-inteligentes-y-mas-tontos-tambien.html' target='_blank'>Todo Nintendo</a>
Dog Breedcolumns columns Position
1Border Collie (dog breed)Border Collie (dog breed)1
2Poodle (dog breed)Poodle (dog breed)2
3German Shepherd Dog (dog breed)German Shepherd Dog (dog breed)3
4Golden Retriever (dog breed)Golden Retriever (dog breed)4
5Doberman Pinscher (dog breed)Doberman Pinscher (dog breed)5
6Labrador Retriever (dog breed)Labrador Retriever (dog breed)7
7Papillon (dog breed)Papillon (dog breed)8
8Rottweiler (dog breed)Rottweiler (dog breed)9
9Rough collieRough collie11
10Schnauzer (dog breed)Schnauzer (dog breed)12
11Cocker Spaniel (dog breed)Cocker Spaniel (dog breed)13
12Belgian Shepherd Dog (dog breed)Belgian Shepherd Dog (dog breed)15
13Presa canario (dog breed)Presa canario (dog breed)15
14Tibetan SpanielTibetan Spaniel19
15Pointer (dog breed)Pointer (dog breed)19
16Weimaraner (dog breed)Weimaraner (dog breed)20
17German Shorthaired Pointer (dog breed)German Shorthaired Pointer (dog breed)21
18Pomeranian (dog breed)Pomeranian (dog breed)23
19English Setter (dog breed)English Setter (dog breed)24
20Beagle (dog breed)Beagle (dog breed)26
21Yorkshire Terrier (dog breed)Yorkshire Terrier (dog breed)27
22Argentine Dogo (dog breed)Argentine Dogo (dog breed)27
23Spanish Water Dog (dog breed)Spanish Water Dog (dog breed)31
24Beauceron (dog breed)Beauceron (dog breed)32
25Samoyed (dog breed)Samoyed (dog breed)33
26Pug (dog breed)Pug (dog breed)33
27Alano español (dog breed)Alano español (dog breed)33
28American Staffordshire Terrier (dog breed)American Staffordshire Terrier (dog breed)34
29French Mastiff (dog breed)French Mastiff (dog breed)34
30Bichon (dog breed)Bichon (dog breed)34
31Catalan Sheepdog (dog breed)Catalan Sheepdog (dog breed)36
32Dalmatian (dog breed)Dalmatian (dog breed)39
33Dachshund (dog breed)Dachshund (dog breed)39
34Irish Setter (dog breed)Irish Setter (dog breed)40
35Fila Brasileiro (dog breed)Fila Brasileiro (dog breed)40
36Bloodhound (dog breed)Bloodhound (dog breed)41
37Spanish Mastiff (dog breed)Spanish Mastiff (dog breed)44
38Siberian Husky (dog breed)Siberian Husky (dog breed)45
39Neapolitan Mastiff (dog breed)Neapolitan Mastiff (dog breed)45
40Boxer (dog breed)Boxer (dog breed)47
41Ratonero bodeguero andaluz (dog breed)Ratonero bodeguero andaluz (dog breed)47
42Great Dane (dog breed)Great Dane (dog breed)48
43Shar Pei (dog breed)Shar Pei (dog breed)51
44Bernese Mountain DogBernese Mountain Dog51
45Lhasa Apso (dog breed)Lhasa Apso (dog breed)52
46Akita Inu (dog breed)Akita Inu (dog breed)54
48Scottish Terrier (dog breed)Scottish Terrier (dog breed)55
49Bull Terrier (dog breed)Bull Terrier (dog breed)56
50Fox Terrier (dog breed)Fox Terrier (dog breed)57
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